19 Hilarious Examples Of What Happens When Robots Get To Name Stuff

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Mmm, chocolate chicken chicken cake.

"Technology" is the term used to refer to anything that applies scientific knowledge for a practical use. Back in the day, a telescope was technology. A steam engine was technology. A loom was technology. Nowadays, when we talk about "technology," it's usually something to do with the internet or computers in general. It seems like every day, a new piece of tech comes out to (hopefully) make our lives better. Some of those things turn out to be duds, like Google Glass or Juicero. (Remember Juicero?!) Some of those things turn out to be things we end up using every day, like smartphones. Some of those things end up influencing U.S. elections in a real and horrifying way, like Facebook. And some of those things turn out to just be hilarious, like neural networks.

A neural net is basically a computer that can learn, like a human brain can. Humans feed it information, like images or phrases, and then it analyzes the set to see if it can produce things in the same category. But most neural nets aren't QUITE at the place where they know how to think like a human...which means the results are often hilarious. Please enjoy these amazing phrases and ideas generated by neural nets that were created by humans who get it. Get Started