33 Unfortunate People With Hilariously Inappropriate Names

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What were their parents thinking?

What's in a name? A lot, actually. There's a reason why naming your child can be a nerve-racking experience... you have to keep in mind so many things, like how the first name will go with the surname. Will he or she be made fun of for a name like Whet Faartz or Harry Baals (both of whom are real people)? Probably! You want to give your child the best start in life they can. It's a fact that your name can affect your ability to get a job later. Is "Crystal" the best name to give your daughter if your last name is Methvin? (That's a real name, for a woman recently busted for doing -- you guessed it, speed.) If your last name is "Litoris" you probably don't want to name your son Mike -- or if you must, at least have him go by Michael. You may not be able to help the fact that your surname is "Head," but at least be aware that any form of Richard other than, I dunno, Richard, isn't the BEST choice of name. You have to wonder sometimes if parents were just having a laugh at their kid's expense, like the parents of real people Bud Light or Jack Goff. Ha ha, joke's on them!

Some foreign names are unintentionally funny because of their completely different meanings in English. Other times, people end up with hilariously inappropriate or unfortunate names by marriage. Maybe the university professor Joelle Rollo-Koster hyphenated her maiden and married names for our enjoyment. Who knows? Anyway, please enjoy this roundup of accidentally hilarious names! Get Started