31 Hilarious Tweets About What It's Like To Be In Your 30s

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It me. It SO me.

Getting older is no fun whatsoever -- everyone knows this to be true. You can't drink any more because your hangovers feel like you're being attacked with angry sledgehammers coated in bees and one glass of an adult beverage makes you feel like you've just run a marathon, you wind up despising everything in existence (OK, to be fair, this was always true for some of us), and if you sleep slightly wrong you have to spend the rest of the week turning sideways to look at anyone when you talk to them. You're also stuck in a weird middle zone as far as age where you're not really old enough to reap any benefits of being older, but you're not young enough to actually enjoy your now-faded youth. I mean, there are a few (albeit surprising) bright spots, chiefly that you start to develop surprisingly strong and positive opinions about your favorite grocery store and clothing fabric -- so maybe it's not all bad. But on the whole, it's not super fun.

And where better to look for great jokes about being in your 30s than Twitter, which always seems to bring it when it comes to these things? Ready to read some of the funniest tweets about getting older? Here are 31 of them. Get Started