31 Workplace Safety Fails That Put Somebody In The Hospital

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NONE of these are OSHA-compliant.

Safety regulations are important -- the only people who dispute this are insane people and libertarians. Sorry, that was unnecessary; I could've just said insane people. Anyway, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration exists to make sure workplace safety disasters are minimized or eliminated -- literally their entire reason for existing is to prevent people from doing unbelievably stupid stuff that could lead to someone getting hurt or worse. But sometimes...sometimes their watchful eye fails in the most inexplicable ways. Sometimes the unrelenting juggernaut that is human stupidity leads to safety fails that can only make you shake your head and ask "why?!" This is a slideshow of these fails.

Some of these involve ladders. Some of them involve construction vehicles. A few others involve car safety fails so baffling they're hard to even comprehend. But every single one of them involves a level of poor judgment so intense it makes you honestly wonder how any of the people responsible for them is able to successfully put on pants in the morning. If none of these safety fails led to someone's untimely demise, it can only be counted as a minor miracle.

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