27 Hilariously Bizarre Game Shows From Around The World

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Of all the things TV has given us, the most highly amusing lowbrow form of entertainment has to be the game show -- and in fact, game shows have been immensely popular since Truth or Consequences first aired in 1941. Most of us grew up with Wheel of Fortune, The Price Is Right and Family Feud, although by the '90s game shows' popularity had dipped and only a few were left on the air. That was until the British show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? took off around the globe, followed by the advent of reality shows like Survivor and Big Brother. Soon game shows became big business again, and not just here but around the world.

Now we can watch TV competitions in everything from singing to dancing to whatever talent you can dream up. And it's not just America who tunes into game shows. Some of the most bizarre -- and successful -- game shows on TV have been dreamt up in other countries. You can get smacked in the crotch for cash and prizes in Japan, compete to meet your Scandinavian relatives in Norway and vie for a kidney transplant, if that's what you need, in Mexico. In fact, Japan has enough weird game shows to make its own list. You KNOW you're going to hunt these weird programs down on Youtube, right after you scroll through this list of the most insane game shows from the States and beyond! Get Started